Our Client Say

Cancer is dreadful word – malignant or benign – one word can change life. Dr. Modi, you made me live again.
Thank you.


I am a mother of two – when my paediatrician asked me to contact Dr. Modi , I was surprised. I pondered why out of all the known
labs he recommended her. This was 6 years back, I interacted with them once and have been their patient since then. The experience has been wonderful.


The next generation is entering the premises of PATHLAB – I was 15 when I first got a test done, now its my kids. The warmth and
the smile with which I am greeted remains the same. Won our hearts always.


The best technicians for pick up. Courteous, well mannered and communicative. What else do you need …. PATHLAB should be proud to lead such staff.


Pain free : Never imagined giving a sample could be so easy.


Glance at our roots

Dr. Usha Modi got her professional training at G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur and was awarded her M.D. in 1981. She worked as Consultant at Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi for eight years. Working for nearly 23 years , she commenced the business of providing pathology services through her vast experience having worked in various capacities holding different responsibilities.

Her vision of successful business of diagnostic and related healthcare tests and services.

Our team

A team of well – trained and experienced Senior & Junior Medical Technologists work under our Pathologist  Ms.Usha Modi M.D. (Pathology & Microbiology). As one of Delhi’s top Diagnostic firms, We have a very strong focus on hiring and retaining top quality manpower to drive our different departments within and outside the labs.

Laboratory Accreditations

In our endeavour to provide reliable test results PATHLAB has put in a system of Quality Assurance – Internal & External. We regularly assay controls to monitor internal quality assurance & improve analytical quality of tests.

PATHLAB subscribes to ‘RIQAS’ – International External Quality Assessment Scheme’s U.K. designed to monitor inter – laboratory agreements to facilitate optimal patient care.